Clinical Practice

We invite you to come and explore the studio at the QT Ranch and learn more about our -integrative services. In concert with principles from Person-Centered Care Planning, we value collaboration, active participation, self-determination, and “community” inclusion in the treatment planning process (Tondora, Miller, & Davidson, 2001).

About Us Triple T Haven

QT Ranch/Triple T Haven, Ault, CO

EMDR, Art Therapy, Equine Facilitated Psychotherapy, Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy comprise the primary modalities offered through Healing Pathways LLC, at the QT Ranch, as well as our onsite nonprofit Triple T Haven.  We are ADA compliant.

To learn more about services, please contact Elizabeth Warson at or (970) 222-4674.


In general, per sessions fees for individual and family therapy are $120 for 60 min. Group therapy is a less expensive option at $50/90 min. session. We do not offer a reduced fee; however, when we have a graduate intern on site, the rate is $50/hour. Please note, these student-led sessions involve direct supervision from a licensed professional counselor.  Art supplies and related materials are included in the stated fees.

As an “out-of-network” provider for most insurance companies, we can provide you with an invoice with the proper billing information for you to submit to your insurance company. Reimbursement is not guaranteed and it is highly recommended that you contact your insurance company to inquire about their policy.  Please note, we do not bill out-of-network insurance companies directly and payment is expected at the end of each session. We accept cash, check, and credit cards (Visa, Master Card, American Express, Discover, and PayPal).

Managing member Elizabeth Warson is an “in-network” provider for the Poudre School District Employee Assistance Services (EAS), Anthem BlueCross BlueShield, Crime Victim Compensation Program, Colorado Division of Vocational Rehabilitation, and Foundation 1023 (first responders). Healing Pathways, LLC handles billing services for all in-network insurance companies and third-party payment processors. Please continue to check out website for insurance panel updates.


Please download and complete the linked forms in advance of our first meeting (please bring to your first appointment). You may also call (970) 222-4674 to request a hard copy of the intake packet.  We will review all forms verbally during our first session. You may sign the forms during our first session to ensure all your questions have been addressed. We will make copies on site for your purposes. Additional releases may be required.

1. Disclosure Form for individual, couples, and family art psychotherapy (required)
2. Disclosure Form for group art psychotherapy
3. Clinician-Patient Agreement & Financial Responsibility (required)
4. Adult Self-Report Form (required)
5. Child Intake Form (required)
6. Consent to treat a minor (required)
7. Two-way release form (optional)
8. Permission to present and photograph artwork for educational purposes (optional)

Group Offerings

Closed group sessions consist of 4 members and range from 4 to 8 weeks. The fee is $50/person/week and covers art supplies and related materials.

Dr. Warson is a trained group psychotherapist and has 20 years of experience facilitating group art psychotherapy sessions for medical centers, residential treatment facilities, educational settings, community centers, and out-patient facilities. As a group art psychotherapy instructor, Dr. Warson   has explored theories belonging to  Janie Rhyne’s gestalt art therapy approach, Yalom’s inpatient group psychotherapy and outpatient existential group framework, and Corey and Corey’s group counseling approaches. In addition, Daniel Spiegel’s group therapy format for cancer patients influenced the workshop approach Dr. Warson incorporates in her research on psychosocial care for American Indian cancer survivors and their family members. As a group facilitator in adolescent treatment facilities, Dr. Warson received further training in Larry Brendtro’s strengths-based Positive Peer Culture approach resulting in the development of an arts-informed curriculum for adolescent experiencing adjustment-related issues. Group offerings will change on an annual basis, please sign up for our news feeds to receive updates.

  • Arts-Informed Therapeutic Groups for adults (8 weeks)

This group is for the professional person who is experiencing interpersonal difficulties with co-workers in professional environments. Emphasizing feedback, decision making, and problem solving, Therapeutic Groups or T-groups focus on enhancing organizational skills through group process.  Our model incorporates this method with directed artmaking  to provide an experiential component to externalizing feedback.

Groups goal: Group members will co-construct group goals during the first session identifying specific group process and individual outcome goals.

  • Identity Groups for adolescents (4 weeks)

Conflict in relation to identity formation is often the root of adolescent cognitive dissonance, a state of disequilibrium. This group explores cultural and social factors involved in identity formation with an emphasis on peer support and “witnessing” techniques in the co-construction of healthy verbal and visual narratives of self.

Group goal: From a narrative and experiential framework, group members will deconstruct “myths” and misconceptions about self-identity to co-create healthy narratives of self.

  • Grief and Loss Groups for children (4 weeks)

Nonverbal forms of communication are essential in the processing of grief and loss with young and elementary school-age children. This art-based group incorporates the creation of sculptural memorials/altars, visual legacies through phototherapy and collage techniques, box art as a form of containment and sense of safety, as well as an ongoing visual exploration of the meaning of grief and loss.

Group goal: Using gestalt art therapy techniques, group members will utilize the art process to explore “here and now experiences” to support children grieving.


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