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Healing Pathways, LLC is an approved internship site for Colorado State University (CSU) and University of Northern Colorado (UNC). We welcome undergraduate interns to assist with our ongoing research and program development as well as graduate mental health counseling students to work in our clinic (paid internship site) and in the great outdoors with our horses, mules, and goats. Please contact Elizabeth Warson at to inquire.

CSU Graduate Clinical Mental Health Counseling Intern: 

Kaitlan Stephens (Fall semester, 2023-Spring Semester, 2024)

I completed my bachelor’s degree in Spanish with a minor in Psychology from Auburn University in 2011.  I then moved to Spain where I worked as an English teacher and completed a master’s degree in Multicultural and Bilingual Education from Universidad de Alcala in 2013.  My interest in learning about other cultures and my professional background led me to pursue opportunities in Spain, Vermont, China, the Netherlands, and ultimately Colorado.  My decision to pursue a career change in clinical mental health counseling after nearly a decade working in education was prompted by both professional and personal experiences related to mental health.  In May of 2024, I will be graduating with a master’s degree in Counseling and Career Development with a specialization in Clinical Mental Health.  I am currently working as a graduate research assistant for a faculty member on their research related to supporting Latina breast cancer survivors and their caregivers.  In my practicum experience working with clients, I have focused on narrative therapy and techniques, and I am excited to expand on that work in my internship incorporating an arts-informed approach under the supervision of Dr. Warson.  Additionally, I have been volunteering at the Temple Grandin Equine Center for over a year supporting various equine-assisted services.  I have always been captivated by the way horses can connect with us and reflect back to us.  I look forward to diving deeper into this work with Dr. Warson.  I am thrilled to complete my internship in a setting that combines so many of my personal and professional interests, and my goal, regardless of modality or technique, is to create a space where my clients feel safe and supported while navigating their own mental health journeys. 

UNC Undergraduate Psychology Intern:

Bridgette O’Boyle (Spring Semester, 2023)

In terms of my educational background, I graduated from Front Range Community College (FRCC) with an Associates of Arts Degree–that opened the door to my academic journey of pursuing psychology. In August of 2022, I started at the University of Northern Colorado (UNC) to work on my Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology, successfully completing a capstone research paper on Euthanasia, which will be presented at UNC’s Spring Research Day. I will be graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from UNC in the summer of 2023, and then in the fall of 2023, I will be starting a Master’s Degree program in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. Personally, I have experienced and seen how powerful and amazing horses are with helping individuals cope with stress in their lives. Along with receiving my master’s degree, I will also be getting certified in equine-assisted EMDR and equine assisted psychotherapy. My goal is to have my own private practice in clinical mental health counseling for children and adolescents integrating both equine-assisted EMDR and equine assisted psychotherapy. In the meantime, I am really enjoying doing my internship with Dr. Elizabeth Warson assisting with evaluative data for the Visual Journaling Project, through Dr. Cathy Malchiodi’s Trauma-Informed Practices and Expressive Arts Therapy Institute