Consultation Services

"Looking Forward" images from North Carolina Indian Senior Citizens' Coalition Conference

“Looking Forward” images from North Carolina Indian Senior Citizens’ Coalition Conference

EMDRIA-Approved Consultant-in-Training 

As an EMDR Consultant-in-Training, Dr. Warson provides group and individual EMDR consultation online and in-person (maximum of 15 hours of the 20 hours required for certification) for EMDR clinicians working toward their certification. To learn more about EMDR certification please access this link.

Please contact Dr. Warson to inquire about consultation fees and agreement form.


Qualitative Research

Dr. Warson’s expertise in qualitative research stem from her doctoral studies at Colorado State University where she studied methods of qualitative and visual research and environmental psychology with psychologist Dr. James Banning. Since 2002, Dr. Warson has been researching qualitative approaches in analyzing the dynamic relationship between verbal associations, behavioral considerations, and artmaking to provide contextual meaning to understanding visual forms of expression. Dr. Warson has served as a principal investigator on over 50 student, program, and independent research studies, employing evidence-based models with mixed methods designs as well as different paradigms of qualitative research (post-positivist & postmodern). Because of Dr. Warson’s collaborative research with American Indian communities, she is well versed in culturally responsive practices including community-driven and community-based participatory approaches.

Consultation services are available for clinicians, educators, and researchers seeking to engage in qualitative forms of research. Please contact us to inquire about consultation fees.

Areas of expertise include:

  • narrative inquiry
  • ethnography
  • grounded theory
  • heuristic
  • phenomenology
  • case study
  • community-based participatory research

Services entail:

  • locating potential funding sources
  • conducting retrospective and prospective forms of qualitative analysis
  • assisting with requirements for Institutional Review Boards
  • outlining procedures, data collection, and storage methods
  • identifying and creating properly “aligned” methodology
  • assisting with presentation of results, interpretation of findings, and dissemination plan

Please see “program evaluation and research” for range of funded projects.

Arts-Informed Practice

Reimbursement has been a prime consideration in Dr. Warson’s approach to creating art therapy programs, developing curriculum with measurable objectives, and evaluating outcomes for healthcare and residential settings. In addition, Dr. Warson has presented widely on alternatives to managed care in private practice as well as models for consulting in correctional and residential settings.

Consultation services are available for organizations seeking assistance with arts-informed program development and evaluation. Please contact us to inquire about consultation fees.

Areas of expertise include:

  • Therapeutic arts programs in healthcare settings
  • Therapeutic arts programs in correctional settings
  • Therapeutic art programs in residential treatment facilities
  • Therapeutic arts programs in long-term care facilities
  • Cultural competency

Services entail:

  • Developing curricula with measurable objectives/evaluation plan for reimbursement
  • Infusing cultural relevant approaches in existing program
  • Conducting efficacy program evaluation

Please view my curriculum vitae for an overview of my professional experience.

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