The Wisdom of Winter

An Art Therapy Practice to Embrace the Wisdom of Winter

Representation of my inner wise self: Clay, painting, magazine photo collage, mixed media collage, altered image, copies of personal photographs.

Bilateral dialogue: Fold a piece of paper in half. Select two colors (writing medium) to represent your image (wise self; interviewee) and one to represent yourself (interviewer). Your image responds with your non-dominant hand while you respond with your dominant hand.

Questions you can ask your image: (examples)

What needs releasing (myths, negative beliefs)?

What needs (re)claiming and embracing (gifts, strengths, passions)?

What’s next for me?

What is your gift to me?

Fold your paper to show how your wise self responded–read aloud to yourself or to a trusted person

Is there a message or metaphor that stands out?

(Please note the above practice does not constitute therapy.)

Copyright 2021 Elizabeth Warson

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